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Adventist Virtual Reference

Adventist Virtual Reference is a cooperative project dedicated to helping library users from Adventist educational institutions with their research enquires using primarily the electronic resources available to them via their library's subscribed databases, but also other online resources available on the Web. QuestionPoint, a 24/7 virtual reference management software developped and maintained by OCLC -a global leader in library solutions, is used to deliver this service. Adventist Virtual Reference participates in QuestionPoint's global reference cooperative assuring a 24/7 coverage. This means that when no Adventist library is monitoring the service, other librarians from the cooperative are ready to assist our Adventist patrons. If further assistance is needed, the question is forwarded to Adventist Virtual Reference to continue providing the requested information. QuestionPoint's Qwidget, its chat application, is used to deliver live chat reference. The service if also offered by the use of forms and email. A similar option is also available in Spanish.





I'm Raul Cervantes, virtual librarian at Adventist Virtual Reference.

If you have any question or comment, please contact me by E-Mail.